Trademark Law

Your trademark is one of your most important, if not the most important, intellectual property (IP) asset that your business has in its IP portfolio. Let our Atlanta trademark law team help you. [Trademark Law Services]

Copyright Law

Copyright is one of two areas of law recognized by our Founding Fathers in the United States Constitution.  Get the direction you need to protect your copyright. 
[Copyright Law Services]

Patent Law

We can help you through the full spectrum of patent law needs, including providing patentability opinions, the application process, and patent prosecution. Find out more.  [Patent Law Services]


Our Clients Say it Best
  • "Barbara is one of the most client/customer focused individuals I have ever met - and I study customer experiences across industries. She goes to bat for her clients, always looking for ways to help them. Her approach to doing business is a pleasure to see as it delivers value at each step, which is why I find myself referring her to people I know."–Tiyash B., Principal, Buyer Blueprints

  • "Barbara is our go-to IP attorney. When we met Barbara, we were already working with some of Atlanta's big, expensive firms. Unlike those lawyers, Barbara actually prepared for our meetings by reading materials we sent. She spends the time to truly understand the strategic importance of our IP by learning about our competitors and value proposition to the industry."–Andrew B., CEO and Founder, SafelyStay

  • "Barbara has a unique ability to connect with startup founders and work as an extension of the management team. She gets involved from a practical perspective of knowing what it takes to protect our business as we scale. Simply put, Barbara is one of the smartest people I know, and I can't imagine our legal team being complete without her."–Pranav P., CEO, HotelUpgrade


Trademark Law, Patent Law, Copyright Law. Let our Atlanta attorneys help you protect your intellectual property.

Do you need trademark or copyright help or protection?  Have you conceived of an idea, developed a product or service that could be eligible for patent protection?  Where do you start? For many Atlanta start-ups, entrepreneurs and businesses looking to grow, figuring out how and whether to protect their intellectual property (IP) can sound like an extraordinary and costly adventure – that African safari on so many bucket lists around the world, for example.  If only there were the time and money, and it wouldn't seem so risky and unfamiliar! With Alexander Legal LLC, our Atlanta-based trademark law, patent law and copyright law team will help you strategically select how to cost-effectively and efficiently build and protect your intellectual property portfolio, determining which risks to take and which to protect against. Let us help you create your own IP protection journey.