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What you need. What we know.™ – Trademarks: The Application

 You need to know why you shouldn’t save the attorney fees by preparing and filing a trademark application​ yourself, or why you shouldn’t just click on that “Register My Mark”  for $69 + government fees button for the website you found. With each of these options, once your application is filed, you go it alone through the next 12-18 months that it can take for the USPTO to prosecute your application and decide whether your mark will be registered.

Preparing and filing a trademark application might seem easy. Trademark law, however, is not. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) lets individuals file trademark applications, but it officially encourages applicants to use a trademark attorney whenever possible.

Why? The USPTO will issue Office Actions and refuse to register marks based on one or more of the following that even non-trademark attorneys don’t properly understand:

Likelihood of Confusion

  • Do you know whether your mark will create a likelihood of confusion with another mark? Do you know how to perform a proper trademark search to try to figure it out?

 Acceptable Identification of Goods and Services

  • Do you know what an acceptable description is for your goods and/or services?  It might not be what you think.


  • Do you know what constitutes an acceptable specimen?

 Use vs. Intent-to-Use

  • Do you know what “bona fide use in the ordinary course of trade” means?

 A trademark attorney can help you with any and all of the above and guide your application through prosecution.

What You Need. What We Know.TM

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Barbara Alexander is licensed to practice law in California (2002), Georgia (2010), and Nevada (2001). Her passion for intellectual property dates back to the mid-90s when she returned from living in Dublin, Ireland to work for a Boston-based venture capital firm, investing in life sciences and technology companies. Attending law school in Washington, D.C. at Washington College of Law, American University from 1998-2001, Barbara’s legal training focused on federal law – of which trademark, copyright, and patent are a significant part. Barbara started Alexander Legal LLC in January 2014 to offer clients more personalized service at a better price point than larger firms can offer.
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